Ethically made-to-order for the conscious and soulful woman

A Note from the Designer

An extension of me, ZAIME takes on, in its most literal sense, a dream I had and makes it tangible. As the daughter of a woman who always dressed up, a love and appreciation for fashion was inherent. Silhouettes, colors and prints were, and remain, my mood board, my gallery.
I am humbled to introduce ZAIME to you and offer the promise that we’ve partnered with the best artisans and fabric suppliers who share similar values, assuring responsible sourcing and manufacturing. Increased knowledge of myself and the planet has led me to a cleaner existence. My years of experience in production has shown me firsthand the gross waste fashion has historically lent to the environment. It became important to me to turn that knowledge into action and education. While I wouldn’t say I’ve arrived to being fully vegan, I would say I’ve come closer to my consciousness and realized the interconnectedness of myself, nature, the earth and universal matter and energy. There is a coexistence I felt imperative to explore in this collection, and I am hopeful that sentiment is felt with each garment.
My style is not one dimensional; I don’t believe any woman’s is. It is with this truth that I examined versatility in the garments. I thought about my days, my evenings, my moods. I reminisced on my mother’s love for animal prints and my own appreciation for jacquard and the sophistication I think it bestows. I paid homage to my personal love for denim and a leather jacket, and played with pleats, dimension and depth.
ZAIME is my art, it is my expression and its creation has come with tremendous thoughtfulness, care and attention to detail.
I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I enjoyed creating it.

With love,